Jenn Remke

Actor/Fit Model. SAG-AFTRA.
State Model Agency: 212-944-8896


An Iliad
“I’d like to put in a word for An Iliad, a wrenchingly beautiful one-person show about war and sorrow, performed alternately by Jenn Remke (a UCF theater grad some years back) and Allen Hope Sermonia. I saw Remke’s performance tonight and was blown away. It’s
one of the best Fringe experiences I’ve had.”
-Elizabeth Maupin-FB Online Review

“Jenn Remke is versatile and believable as three very different assistants.”
– Judith Jarosz,

Cloud 9
“Cloud 9 took the filters through which we view the inner workings of our world and tossed them out the window, creating something familiar yet surreal. The difficult task of keeping continuity in the midst of so many peculiar time and gender changes was handled
masterfully by this excellent ensemble. There were wonderful moments delivered by all, creating absurd hysterics as well as implausible beauty.”
-Gay Chicago Magazine

some of the clients worked with

Charter Club



Joseph A/RXB

Cynthia Fields

Gwynie Bee


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